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April 22, 2014

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April 22 We're back from winter break and shipping has resumed.

Check out our new offering of unrooted primo Echeveria cuts. Since we introduced them last fall, many customers have told us how much they have enjoyed developing their own large plants not to mention the savings.

Pachypodium update: last year for the first time in our decades of offering Pachypodiums we completely sold out of smaller plants. We have more coming but it will be awhile. We do have a nice group of large plants of our special saundersii compactum that will be ready later this spring. These will be listed in the You Choose section of the online catalog with a few other large Pachypodiums.

We have had many requests for our Pachypodium culture guide and in response we have made it available here. This is specific to the genus Pachypodium and is different from our regular culture guide for succulents.

Welcome to Highland Succulents, a leading specialist nursery devoted to the cultivation and preservation of rare and endangered succulent plants.

If you want to know all about these unusual plants and how to grow them, you've come to the right place.

Our specialties:

Pachypodium - our pioneering work in this genus has contributed to their phenomenal popularity.

Adenium - using specialized growing methods, we are a source for natural looking plants.

Crassulaceae - few plant groups possess the exquisite form and dazzling color of this family.

Echeveria - a pictorial display featuring a large selection of our yearly offering of these colorful succulents.

Primo Echeveria Cuts - we have had many requests from growers who enjoy developing their own large plants from cuts not to mention the substantial savings and we have listened. These are some of the top Echeveria we cultivate at a huge savings and Like all of our unrooted cuts, these are only $6.00 !!

You Choose - looking for something special in a larger size? See this section of our online catalog where you can order the exact plant you'll receive.

Unrooted cuts - many beautiful species from several genera are available as unrooted cuts which is an economical way to add to your collection.

Our business is in its 38th year but our longevity has been no accident. We are fanatical about plant quality, give good service, and offer all types of succulents. You won't be disappointed!

Shipping Plants - many growers are unaware that shipping plants safely is very difficult. Your order cannot be pulled from a shelf, put in a box, and sent out immediately. Please give this page a look before ordering.

You can order these choice plants from our online catalog

Echeveria Katella IV - photo of large plants taken in autumn when color is best.

Echeveria Afterglow
- photo of large plants the size we are currently shipping.

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