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May 20, 2016

What's New

We have had many requests for our Pachypodium culture guide and in response we have made it available here. This is specific to the genus Pachypodium and is different from our regular culture guide for succulents.

For all of you who have been ordering our unrooted cuttings, we have a new cultural article on this subject titled propagating succulents from cuttings.

Welcome to Highland Succulents, a leading specialist nursery devoted to the cultivation and preservation of rare and endangered succulent plants.

If you want to know all about these unusual plants and how to grow them, you've come to the right place.

Special Notice For 2016:

Two years ago we were almost wiped out by an historic devastating wind storm and we must take time this year to rebuild. It's been too difficult to keep our facilities going in their current state.

No we are not going out of business and we will return but not this year.

We are closed for 2016.

Our Specialties:

Pachypodium - our pioneering work in this genus has contributed to their phenomenal popularity.

Adenium - using specialized growing methods, we are a source for natural looking plants.

Crassulaceae - few plant groups possess the exquisite form and dazzling color of this family.

Echeveria - a pictorial display featuring a large selection of our yearly offering of these colorful succulents.

You Choose - looking for something special in a larger size? See this section of our online catalog where you can order the exact plant you'll receive.

Our business is in its 38th year but our longevity has been no accident. We are fanatical about plant quality, give good service, and offer all types of succulents. You won't be disappointed!

Shipping Plants - many growers are unaware that shipping plants safely is very difficult. Your order cannot be pulled from a shelf, put in a box, and sent out immediately. Please give this page a look before ordering.

Some Of Our Favorites

Pachypodium baronii v. windsorii

Avonia (Anacampseros) alstonii

Cyphostemma seitziana

Ficus petiolaris

Pachypodium decaryi

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